Apex Consulting Services
P.O.Box 59
1226 Thônex
+41 22 860 13 66

About Apex

Formed in 1995, Apex is a Geneva-based consultancy specialized in creating and nurturing business relationships between Europe and India. Europe is the world's foremost region of developed economies, while India is today among the world's fastest-growing large emerging economies.

While Apex's long experience has traditionally been centered on helping European clients identify Indian partners, agents, users, and IT and IT-enabled services suppliers, we increasingly advise India-based companies on specific European market entry strategies.

Instead of gimmicks, hollow slogans or management fads and fashions, our advice is based on solid experience, a wide network of contacts, deep insight, hard work, practical solutions and straightforward common sense. Regardless of whether our assignment involves business, industry or technology, our commitment to quality and service is total and unconditional. Our quality management system is based on three pillars: Specifications, Systems and Service.

  • Specifications: We work closely with our clients to ensure that appropriate specifications exist for each assignment, whether they be in the form of a detailed proposal for a consultancy assignment, functional specifications for a software development project, output specifications for a conversion task or clearly-defined service levels for outsourced tasks.
  • Systems: We define each step of each job in detail, both in terms of processes and quality control procedures. This allows us to ensure proper control throughout the process, making it easy to take corrective actions if and when necessary.
  • Service: We develop the processes and quality control procedures together with our clients, and maintain systems for keeping them regularly informed of job progress, enabling us to respond promptly to their requests for information. As part of our quality management system, we have specified a number of measurable service performance standards, and relentlessly strive to achieve them consistently.